Densefruit Pittany Root-bark Extract

Botanical Name:Cortex Dictamni
Part Used:Root-Bark
Active ingredients:Dictamnine, skimmianine, g-fagarine, preskimmianine, obakunone,  limonin, isomaculosindine, fraxinellone, etc.
Appearance: Brown Powder
Storage: Stored in a cool, dry and dark place, shelf life 24 months.

What is Densefruit Pittany Root-bark Extract?

The CP defined the herb Cortex Dictamni(Bai Xian Pi) as the dry cortex or root peel of the Rutaceae family plant Dictamnus dasycarpus Turcz.It noted the herb taste bitter,nature cold.Enter into spleen, stomach, urinary bladder meridians.Main functions clear heat and dry dampness,dispel the wind(relieve rheumatic pains,colds,etc.) and detoxification.Indicated for sore and skin ulcer due to heat dampness, Yellow water dripping(yellow pus),eczema,nettle rash(urticaria,roeteln,roetheln,measles),sore scabies, pyretic arthralgia due to wind and dampness,jaundice and red urine.

Health Benefits of Densefruit Pittany Root-bark Extract

1. Improve the digestive system and gynecological diseases,
2. Promote the blood circulation, enhance immunity, reduceneuropathic pain, antibacterial.
3. Help wounds heal, the treatment of eczema and face blister type of skin.
4. Activate the brain cells, improve memory and attention, fight depression and placatory heart trauma.
5. Antibacterial, fight convulsion, resistance to insect venom, sterilization,strengthen, promote scarring.
6. Prevent a bad dream for its calm function.

Dosage of Densefruit Pittany Root-bark Extract

Suggested Dosage 4.5~9grams,external proper amount,decoction wash or grinded powder apply at affected area.

Potential Side Effects of Danshen Extract Tanshinone

The herb should be taken only under professional guidance.Do not take during pregnancy.In the TCM system,due to its nature,the herb root bark or cortex(Cortex Dictamni) not suggested for cases asthenia cold syndrome(old syndrome of deficiency type).Health risks or side effects following the proper administration of designated therapeutic dosages are not recorded

Certificate of Analysis

AppearenceBrown powderN/AComplies
Particle size100% pass 80 meshUSP32<786>Complies
Extract SolventsWater/EthanolN/AComplies
IdentificationPositive ReactionN/AComplies
Loss on Drying≤5.0%Eur.Ph.6.0[2.8.17]Complies
Acid-insoluble ash≤7.0%Eur.Ph.6.0[2.4.16]Complies
Solvents ResidueMeet Eur.Ph6.0<5.4>Eur.Ph 6.0<2.4.24>Complies
Pesticides ResidueNegativeUSP32<561>Complies
Microbiological Control
Total bacterial count≤1000cfu/gUSP30<61>Complies
Yeast & mold≤100cfu/gUSP30<61>Complies

Flowchart of Production

plant extract flowchart

Package for Densefruit Pittany Root-bark Extract

herbal extract package

Shipping for Densefruit Pittany Root-bark Extract

  • By Express: Suitable for under 50kg, 5-10 days
  • By Air: Suitable for more than 50kg, 7-15 days
  • By Sea: Suitable for more than 500kg, 15-45days

Why Choose FYZ Densefruit Pittany Root-bark Extract?

  • FYZ is a professional GMP standard herbal extract manufacturer in China, provide OEM service.
  • FREE SAMPLE with freight collection (5-10g) for detection, if you need more, please contact us.
  • Fast delivery by DHL/FedEx,  air as your requirement.
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